Ever wondered what it would be like to stroll through an orchard, reach out and pick your own juicey delicious fruit straight off the tree?


Well as part of the 'Pick Your Own' community here in Hawkes Bay, we can offer you this very experience. Stewart, our main man will take you on a tour himself, through the lush green trees spotted with delicious bright Camelot fruit. Stewart will kindly tickle your taste buds and tantilize your ears with sweet tales about fruit growing and the different varieties within summer fruit and apples.


Stewart runs his tantilizing tour groups every week on Tuesday mornings at 11am sharp, during the harvest season. If you are interested in a 'Pick Your Own' experience and being part of a tantalizing tour group, please contact us to arrange a booking. 













Of course fruit can be unpredictable, so tours are subject to availablity of fruit.