Here at Camelot we provide a number of services to all growers and fruit people; from harvest advice through to packing, pick gangs, maturity monitoring and exporting fruit overseas. We have it all!


What is maturity monitoring???


At Camelot we believe in loving our soil - what we put into our soil we will get out in our fruit. Therefore we put a lot of attention into creating nutrient dense soil so that we grow nutrient dense fruit, full of goodness and flavour.

Maturiy monitoring is a key part in this process. In partnership with Delytics© we have collated research and evidence in monitoring the maturity of our fruit to ensure we grow the best fruit possible.

Through this research we have been able to maximise our harvest crop and get the best fruit possible at the optimum harvest time.

If you are interested in growing the best fruit possible in your own orchard, we can work with you in partnership. Please contact Stewart if you are interested.









We provide a number of services in regards to orcharding.

As well as running Camelot orchard, Stewart spends one on one time with clients and shares his extensive 30 years of growing knowledge.

We have our own RSE picking gang from Vanawatu who have years of experience and excellent rates of producivity. if you need a hand harvesting your fruit, we can help!





Camelot packhouse is an integral part of our business. We provide fruit packing to small and large growers as well as aditional services. We care about your fruit and like to be personal with all our customers. We therefore provide the addtional service of Maturity Monitoring at our inhouse lab, to ensure you pick the right fruit, at the right time and get the right price!

Camelot also provides EXPORT services for apples and we have begun exporting summer fruit too, so if you would like a personal service and the ability to reach new markets contact us